The child’s spirit

At the age of eight-teen, I feel like I am crossing a thin bridge between childhood and adulthood. It’s exciting, because as a child I always wanted to grow up! Yet, with this difficult world, I see many grow up around me yearning to return to their childhood again!

There is something so free, fresh, and deeply happy about a life of a child. As a child, we lived for the sake of living, and every simple sight, taste, smell, or touch fascinated us. Happiness came easily.

As a child, we had little idea of what is expected of us. We didn’t understand about this “dangerous” world the adult talk about, and with the amount of love we received, every obstacle in life seemed simple to cross, and nothing was impossible. The sense of freedom was huge. But for adults, happiness seems so hard to earn. They throw their happiness into the future, and just hope catch up with it one day. Happiness is always somewhere and something they don’t have. The thought that we all are able to be happy right now, just because we are alive and well, seems far-fetched and impossible. It contradicts the present norm, where we must always “earn” happiness, and everything else. Where has their child spirit gone? I definitely want to keep mine, even when I become an adult. It is here at Plum Village where everybody is invited to come to relearn or reinforce how to take pleasure from simple things such as fact that we are breathing at present.

This is a community which shows sincere appreciation towards simple walks in the garden, the sight of trees and blossoms, sitting, sleeping, talking, listening, eating and also washing the dishes! Even suffering is something worth gratitude and deep understanding here. It feels wonderful to have an opportunity to come and be a part of Plum Village. Further, it is wonderful to discover that everyone: teenagers, adults, elderly are able to wake up that child- like fascination of the world again. We all still have that child spirit inside, eager to be free, to come out and be amazed with life, and every moment. Only if. Only if we take time to live deeply, without trying to get somewhere else or something more.