Monday Morning

Today is Monday!

Last night, I was online and I noticed that there were many people mentioned about Monday on their walls. Most of them suffered from thinking about their working life. Some of them even tried to fool themselves that tomorrow is Sunday. They seemed to be exhausted again after taking two days without doing a thing. They said that waking up on Monday is a kind of punishment. What’s happened to people in my generation?

However, I used to be like one of those who was so painful every Sunday’s evening. Just knowing that weekend was about to be over at night and it would be replaced by the next busiest morning, the energy from relaxation was suddenly vanished. For me, one of the most common reasons for these sufferings besides unpleasant colleagues and Monday traffic is work overload. I was ended up my first job by sickness after thirteen months of a huge project. The symptoms had stopped me from having breakfast at 2 in the afternoon and big evening meal at 8-9 as usual due to my duty. Three months before I decided to quit, my body had tried to tell me that it was unbearable. Unfortunately, I couldn’t hear it. In fact, I didn’t listen to it. All I did is nothing but ignored it and continued my project breathlessly.

Why do we need to work that hard? I neither asked myself clearly with this question nor tried to find the true causes until I came to learn Dharma during the restoring. At that time, each day was simple and free- no work, no rush, not even getting a call from anyone. I had plenty of time to read, to think and to be fully with myself. For reading, I began to expand my area of interests. I found many interesting books and authors. I tried to find the answers and solutions from them. They became my guidelines. And some parts even spiritualized me. And one of the most impressive authors who brought me to explore the answers of all my questions was the most Venerable Thich Nhat Hanh. After I read his articles and books, his words woke me up. The art of mindful living Thay said that if one worked so hard that he couldn’t have time to be there with his beloved persons and to listen to himself, it was not a right way and one was hurting himself and people around. I saw myself very clear from his teaching. I was that person. And I was facing the results for what I had done.

In the middle of each night, I was staying awake because of the breathing problem. Night time became hard for me for I couldn’t lie down and sleep as before. At the same time, it was a real chance to discover the natural treatment when I started following my breath. It helped me to be calmer and to cut off my worries. I was gradually aware of the air at my nose tip. And I had learnt “total relaxation” which is greatly helpful to my body. I also started to exercise and eat vegetarian food. I enjoyed cooking healthy diets since then. I came to understand the condition of this sickness and learnt how to take care and transform all the sufferings inside with love and compassion according to his way.

After two months of restoration, I could feel that there was a big difference within my body and also my mind. I had never felt so light and strong like this before. I was very happy and it was expanded to people around me; my close friends and my family especially my mom. She was very worried about my sickness and always be there for me. I eventually realized that all my happiness and smile were meant a lot to my family. If I hadn’t been sick, I wouldn’t have known how importance of family and love were. I was so grateful for this situation in my life. And most of all, to Thay who inspired and guided me to live in peace and joy.

It’s been two years already that I restarted my life. Now, I’m working as a teacher and moving to the suburban area which is very peaceful and friendly environment. To be with the students is very wonderful experience. They have softened my heart. They have also trained me to be mindful in every single day. I could say that hey all became my spiritual teachers.

Today is Monday.

I smile to myself and I’m ready to go to school 🙂