Online Retreat: The Power of Now (Thai Plum Village International Practice Center, on 27 – 31 Dec, 2021)

Thai Plum Village Sangha would like to offer you the retreat “The Power of Now” as a gift to celebrate end of year 2021. This retreat is an opportunity for all of us to come back and recognize happiness conditions in the here and the now, to build a wholesome livelihood, establishing peaceful and harmonious relationships with family, friends, and the community. In this retreat, we will have a chance to practice sitting meditation, walking meditation, and eating in silence…these practices can help us to cultivate happiness and transform difficulties, suffering, and anxiety in our daily life.


We can only live our life in the present moment. If you can dwell happily in the present moment, you can surely live happily in the future. Happiness is not in the future. This is the main message for everyone who is going to participate in this retreat.

The retreat is donation-based, therefore there is no retreat fee. If you would like to make a donation to support the monastery, please feel free to donate as you like.

The registration link will be open at 3 PM (Bangkok time) on the 4th of December 2021. 

Registration Link:


May you have a lot of peace and happiness.