Th is sheet offers a number of steps we can take to reduce the impact of our ecological footprint on the Earth. Please look over this and if you feel inspired, commit to a few or more of them by marking the blank with a “?” check. If you already are currently practicing the step, mark an “X” on the blank. When you are done please copy your commitments onto a piece of paper that you can carry with you as a reminder. We will collect this sheet so that we may post your commitments on a website, allowing other practitioners and friends to see and to be inspired by your actions.

I,__________________________________________, commit to:

* Carpool to work or use mass transit.

* Reduce flight-travel to less than ___ flight-hours per year.

* Purchase energy credits to compensate for travel.

* Have a car-free day once a week.

* Have a car-free day once a month.

* Work at home one day a week.

* Reduce car trips by ___%.

* Use stairs, not elevators and escalators.

* Have an electricity-free day once a week.

* Get an energy audit of my home and improve its efficiency.

* Purchase and install solar panels at home.

* Purchase renewable-source electricity (wind, geothermal.)

* Air-dry clothes (without a dryer.)

* Reduce the use of hairdryers and appliances.

* Support farmers and reduce food-miles by buying local produce.

* Grow produce at home.

* Do not use pesticides or herbicides.

* Purchase ___% organic food.

* Join a Community-Supported Agriculture group near home.

* Replace light bulbs at home with compact fluorescents.

* Eliminate the use of air-conditioning at home.

* Reduce air-conditioning at home by ___ degrees.

* Reduce heating at home by ___ degrees.

* Install a programmable thermostat at home.

* Install energy-efficient insulation and windows at home.

* Eat only vegetarian food.

* Drive a fuel-efficient vehicle.

* Avoid purchasing disposable items with lots of packaging.

* Replace paper napkins, towels, plates with reusable equivalents.

* Use library instead of buying books, as much as possible.

* Use cloth or other reusable bags for shopping, etc.

* Use biodegradable cleaning products.

* Compost kitchen waste.

* Encourage office/school to recycle.

* Share magazines and catalogs by donating them to clinics, etc.

* Reuse and recycle all items possible.

* Buy clothing in used clothing/thrift shops.

* Plant native and drought-tolerant plants where applicable.

* Plant ___ trees in my neighborhood.

* Turn off computers while not in use.

* Install a power strip for appliances to avoid drawing ghost electricity.

* Reduce use of hot water by ___%.

* Take only short, warm showers.

* Install a solar water heating unit.

* Re-use greywater.

* When urinating only, do not flush the toilet.

* Turn off faucet while brushing teeth or shaving.

* Reduce overall water use by ___%

* Install a system to capture and store rainwater.

* Pick up trash along walking/jogging route.

* Encourage a friend to commit to items on this list.

* Educate myself on ecological issues.

* Write articles, stories to help others get in touch with their ecosystem.

* Meditate once/week on my relationship to the ecosystem in which I live.

* Meditate once a week on how I can reduce my consumption, and act on this.

* Write to local and national politicians calling for more effective environmental legislation.

* Support local environmental organizations.

Add my own commitment proposals here:


I make the commitment to practice the items that I have checked above so that I may reduce the ecological impact of my way of living.

Signature:______________________________________ Date: _______________________