Online Day of Mindfulness August 22, 2021

Dear Sangha,

The rains have begun to manifest more and more fully, bringing with the cool and pleasant air of the autumn breezes back to the land of Thailand, signaling a peaceful season which returns to the Buddhists. This year retreat, our sisters and brothers in Thai Plum Village Community will offer our presence to all of you through Online Mindfulness Days held once a month. You will have the opportunity to attend practice sessions such as Sitting Meditation, Walking Meditation, Dharma Talk, Total Relaxation, and Dharma Sharing with the monks and nuns. Collective energy will help us create more qualities of peace and happiness in order to nourish ourselves and those around us. 



All the activities will be live-stream via Zoom, please set up Zoom in order to join with us. 

Link zoom for attending the activities:

Passcode: 437779


4:45 am: Guided Sitting meditation 45 minutes – Touching The Earth

6:00 am: Sharing about Walking Meditation

7:00 am: Breakfast ( Offline)

8:30 am: Singing meditation

9:00 am: Dharma Talk

11:30 am: Lunch ( Offline)

1:00 pm: Total Relaxation 

3:00 pm: Dharma Sharing

Registration for 11 Dharma Sharing Groups 

Registration opening day: 19h 01/08/2021

2 Groups Thai

1 Group Indonesia

1 Group Chinese

1 Group Japan

2 Groups English

4 Groups Vietnamese

Donation / การบริจาค/ Cúng dường